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Ironman Pool Care is happy to help, whether your needs are short- or long-term. To learn more about pool care in Glendale, AZ, simply give us a call. You can reach Tony, our one-man team, at (623) 694-2798. Or visit the contact page to submit a request form.

  • Pool Maintenance

  • Pump Service & Repair

  • Chemical Balancing

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I am proud to be a member of this community, and it shows in the crystal-clear water my clients enjoy each time they dip into their pools. You can count on me for quality work, and to remain available to answer any questions.

Without a doubt, a swimming pool is one of the most enjoyable features of your home. Whether large or small, a pool represents family bonding, morning workouts, and an escape from the heat. You can’t put a price tag on these invaluable perks, but you can ensure that your pool stays open when you need it.

Ironman Pool Care has all of the services you need to maintain your pool. From regular pool cleaning to emergency repairs, our pool guy in Glendale, AZ, does it all.

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All pools require regular maintenance. Because leaves, dirt, and debris find their way into your crystal waters, pool owners must skim and filter the liquid on a frequent basis. And that’s just the first step to responsibly caring for a backyard pool.

If you would rather spend your time enjoying the water—rather than cleaning it—call Ironman Pool Care. We can provide you with these services:

  • Chemical balancing
  • Filter cleaning
  • Pool cleaning
  • Pool maintenance
  • Pump service and repair

We handle the small details.

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