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How Effective Are Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers otherwise known as solar blankets are swimming pool covers that use the sun’s energy to keep swimming pools warm. But how effective are solar pool covers? Many pool owners are skeptical about the usefulness of covering their pools to retain heat or protect it. Read on for information on pool solar cover effectiveness.

How Effective Are Solar Pool Covers
How Effective Are Solar Pool Covers

How Do Solar Pool Covers Work?

Solar pool covers look like giant sheets of bubble wrap that go over your pool. The bubbles trap the sun’s heat and keep it in the pool, leading to a pool that stays warm for a longer time. Other than heating pools during the day, solar blankets also help the pool retain heat by protecting the water from cool night winds and air. How many degrees will a solar cover heat a pool? On average, a fully covered pool can gain between 10-15 degrees on a sunny day within about 6 hours.

Does a solar cover have to cover the whole pool? For optimum results it is best to get a blanket that covers your whole pool. A blanket that partially covers the pool will still help to heat the pool, especially when there is direct sunlight. But solar blankets that cover the whole pool are much more effective.

Do Solar Pool Covers Work?

How well do solar pool covers work? If solar blankets didn’t work they would have died a long time ago. A 2016 study by Cal Poly found that solar blankets can reduce heat loss and evaporation of pool water by as much as 95%. Solar Pool Covers can also heat water to an average of at least 10 degrees.

A 2014 research by collage found that pool covers can cut energy costs by as much as 30%. Meanwhile a 2012 study by the Michigan Energy Office found that pool covers cut energy costs by about 50%. The effectiveness of a solar pool cover depends on how much pool coverage the blanket has and how much direct sunlight the swimming pool is exposed to.

Is A Solar Pool Cover Worth It?

Solar pool covers can be extremely cumbersome. Spreading them over your swimming pool as well as taking them off the pool is time-consuming and awkward exercises that often needs an extra pair of hands.

Additionally, you must clean the solar cover often as part of your pool cleaning routine. This can be an annoying task. So, is all this hustle worth it? If you love swimming in warm water but can’t afford a heated pool then having a solar blanket is a worthy investment of time, money, and effort.

How Effective Are Solar Pool Covers
How Effective Are Solar Pool Covers

How Effective Are Solar Pool Covers?

So, do solar pool covers actually work? The short answer is yes. It has been scientifically proven by at least 3 studies that solar blankets help to warm swimming pools. They also help to retain pool heat at night, help to reduce humidity and help to save on energy costs. But they are very cumbersome to handle and maintain. So the gains made on energy savings could be balanced off by the annoyance of handling them.

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