Pool Guide/Care

Most Common Pool Repairs

When you own a swimming pool of any style, knowing the early signs you may need pool repairs, as well as indicators of potential problems, can be a real cost saving consideration. With any type of pool, there are a number of problem areas anyone can learn to check on a regular basis.

Like most things in the home, your pool will provide signs and signals of impending problems in most cases. The key is to recognizing these early indicators and get a pool service and pool repair company involved. Of course, if you have regular pool service and maintenance scheduled the pool technician may notice the problem before you do, giving you the heads up to the potential problem.

Lining Problems

One of the most common structural repairs facing pool owners is tears and rips in the lining. This can occur as the lining ages and becomes less resistant to impact, but it can also occur because of sharp objects in the pool.

When you have children, tears in the lining of pools are more common as kids are more likely to take objects into the pool that may cause damage. Small tears are easiest to fix so early repair is a good way to save on the overall cost.

Pool Pump Motors

Motors are used in the pool to circulate water as well as to heat and supply water. When the motor isn’t working correctly it may be running continually, resulting in higher than anticipated electrical bills.

Another sign of motor problems can be pool water that is cloudy or dirty or not maintained at the correct temperature. Lack of movement of the water through filters is also a sign there may be a significant problem.

Pump motors need regular servicing, just like other types of motors. Repairs can be relatively low cost if just a part needs replacing to more costly if the entire motor has to be taken out and a new motor put in.


It isn’t uncommon in hot summer weather for water to evaporate quickly from a pool, particularly when the mercury is into the 100-degree range. However, leaks can also be a primary cause of a rapid or continual loss of water from the pool. Determining if the issue is a leak, and where that leak is, can be a very complicated procedure unless you know where to look.

The best way to avoid costly pool repair services is to have regular pool maintenance scheduled throughout the year. This will proactivity determine problems and let you discuss any concerns you may have about your pool with experts who really understand pools.

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