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Not Covering Pool for Winter

Do you desire to be informed about the effects of not covering pool for winter? Is so, this write- up will guide you about the various flawless steps to adhere to if you want to keep your pool clean and safe during the winter period. If you want to always have an appealing and safe pool throughout the year, it is appropriate you develop the habit of cleaning it more often and ensuring you balance its water regularly.

However, maintaining a pool using do- it- yourself techniques is not ideal since you will likely skip some crucial steps required to make the entire pool cleaning and maintenance results turn out to be impeccable and appealing. Always consider the services of a qualified firm offering pool cleaning and maintenance solutions if you want your pool to be always clean and safe to be utilized every time.

Not Covering Pool for Winter

– Is it Necessary to Use a Winter Cover on your Pool during the Cold or Winter Period
Many pool owners that have their pools winterized will always consider covering their respective pool during the period of winter. However, if you are among that one percent of those people that desire to close their pool, but not cover it during the entire winter period, here are some tricks you should consider utilizing:

– Keeping your Pool Clean
If trees are surrounding your pool, it is advisable you consider purchasing a pool cover. However, if your pool is located in a desert kind of environment, it is not ideal to vacuum your pool while adhering to the common methods since the pumps and pipes will already have been winterized during the cold period.

– Testing and Balancing the Water Not Covering Pool for Winter
Use an appropriate test strips or test kit to perform several tests on your pool water at least once or twice every month. Performing such a test more often is ideal since winter snow and rain is often absorbed into the pool during winter.
In case you want to add chemicals to your uncovered pool during the period of winter, it is essential you pre-dilute the chemicals by mixing them with water inside a bucket and then pouring around the edge of your pool.

– Keeping the Level of Chlorine up in your Pool
Fill a chlorine floater with tablets and then float them in your pool if you want to adjust the level of chlorine. It is important you fill your floaters as required, and regularly test the water in your pool to be very sure you are having approximately 1.0 ppm, till when the temperatures of water will eventually drop to 60 degrees or below.

– Opening your Pool Early
It is ideal you develop a habit of opening your pool prior to the end of winter period or when the temperatures rise into 60’s. Basically, while the water in the pool is still cold, it is possible to run your pool’s pump and be able to maintain water that is clear.

Bottom Line
Utilize these tricks if you are among those not covering pool for winter in order to experience their effectiveness. Be sure to check your chlorine levels throughout the winter and to test the water.