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Can I Use Bleach In My Pool?

While a pool is one of the best things your backyard could have, it comes with a fair share of responsibilities. For instance, keeping the water chemistry balanced is very important or else it becomes unsafe to swim. Keep your water safe to swim in and clean, by understanding how to shock your pool using chlorine bleach. Normally 1 gallon per 30K gallons of water will raise 2ppm. But before asking can I use bleach in my pool? Do thorough research and always consult a professional pool guy.

Can You Use Bleach in A Pool?

A lot of chemicals are used to keep your pool clean and safe for everyone. To a lot of people, bleach has never been one of them. There is a reason for it. A narrative from a lot of pool experts says that bleach is the worst thing you could ever use in your pool. Therefore, a lot of people keep away from ever using a drop of bleach near their pools.

Bleach is safe and the only chemical you should be using in your pool unless cleaning pool tile with baking soda. So yes, you can use bleach to keep your pool water chemistry balanced. For those who are at home daily and constantly use their pools, it will be a good decision to drop the use of all other chemicals and rely on bleach when performed correctly.

How to Use Bleach in Pool
How to Use Bleach in Pool? How Much Bleach to Use in Pool? Bleach in Pool for Algae

What Really Is in Bleach?

While everyone accepts that using chlorine in pool is right, the same cannot be said of bleach. But this is ignorance because people do not know that bleach is chlorine in liquid form and in a lesser concentration. You can only agree to that after knowing what really makes up chlorine.

Bleach has the same chemical composition as chlorine. The difference is that bleach has lesser concentration of sodium hypochlorite of between 5 to 6%, while chlorine has a concentration between 10 and 12%. When added to pool water, sodium hypochlorite turns into HOCL, and this is the chemical that kills any bacteria and any other harmful organisms it comes into contact with. Both chlorine and bleach will release HOCL into the pool and it will do the job of sanitizing your pool. It can, therefore, be concluded that bleach can be used in your pool as a substitute of chlorine.

Can I Use Bleach in My Pool
Can I Use Bleach in My Pool? Using Bleach to Maintain Pool

Can I use bleach in my pool? Yes. Bleach, just like chlorine, will release HOCL into the water and keep it clean and safe. IMPORTANT – Consult a swimming pool service professional before trying and potentially damaging your pool, and health.