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Winter Pool Maintenance

Learn about the importance of winter pool maintenance, covering your pool, maintaining the equipment, and balancing the chemicals during winter.

Wherever you are, and regardless of the season, swimming pool winter maintenance is crucial. Besides using household products to clean your pool, keep in mind that protecting your swimming pool from winter damage can help you save money in the long run and allow you to use it again in the spring.

Winter Pool Maintenance
Winter Pool Maintenance

Continue reading to learn about the importance of winter pool maintenance, covering your pool, maintaining the equipment, and balancing the chemicals during winter.

Winter Pool Covers

Adding a pool cover is essential in colder areas to protect your pool from debris, snow, and animals. Therefore, understanding pool cover maintenance is also highly important.

Pool Cover Maintenance

The first step is to attach your winter pool cover to your pool. To do so for an inground pool, make sure the bags or water blocks are secured and all the safety components are right in place. On the other hand, if it’s an above ground pool, you can use securing cover clips, inflate the air pillow, or tighten the cable. Once it’s attached, use a hose to remove plant debris and a vacuum to remove any excess water off your pool cover. When it comes to snow, you can use a roof rake to pull it off the cover. Never forget to take the necessary safety precautions while dealing with ice and snow.

Swimming Pool Winter
Swimming Pool Winter

Pool Parts

When you’re not using your pool, pool parts tend to get out of sight and forgotten. However, these parts require regular maintenance to keep them working properly. Winter pool maintenance of pool parts needs:

– Periodical checking of the pool pump, filter, and heater

– Excess water removal to prevent pipes from cracking due to freezing water

Winter Pool Chemistry

How to clean a swimming pool after winter? Chemically balanced water is essential to a clean swimming pool as most pool owners don’t drain their pool for winter completely. Balanced water will make the opening process much easier as it’ll prevent bacteria, algae, and waterlines. While being closed, make sure to follow these winter pool maintenance tips:

– Get rid of all pool chemicals from the previous season, they’ve already lost their effect

– When it’s not being used, check your pool chemistry every two months to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae

– If the weather allows you to not cover your pool during winter, keep your pool clean to avoid potential health risks

– Add an enzyme to eliminate the non-living contamination and prevent waterlines

Winter Pool
Winter Pool

Winter Freeze Alerts

To prevent cracked pipes, leaks in your pool liner, and other common pool repairs, make sure to prepare your pool for winter. Keep in mind that the cost to maintain a pool after winter damage will be higher than if you go for prevention instead. To be ready in advance, get a digital timer with a temperature sensor that notifies you of dangerous temperatures. Also, you can set weather app alerts to your phone to know when the next freeze will be. If you have any questions related to winter pool maintenance, contact the professionals. You’ll save more time and money if you maintain your pool during winter!